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[Hans Blom, 960131b]

(i.kurtzer (960130.1630))

Sometimes, after I've driven home from work and stop my car in
front of the house, I am surprised to find myself there already.
Obviously I then don't go back to driving but get out of the car
and enter the house.

when i say "i" in this and the previous context, i mean _i_ as the
observer not as the totality of organization; in these brief
digressions i am not identifying _i_ (to which note c) applies) with
my guts churning, or my arms turning unless that is the object of
_my_ thought at _that_ moment.

Isn't "I" a funny concept?

so when _you_ do notice that you've returned home (question: do
_you_ only notice after the car has come to halt or when you are
within a close proximity; i suspect the latter) ...

No. Usually the former.

any comments?