[From: Bruce Nevin (Mon 930125 11:17:47)]

(Bill Powers (930122.1430) ) --

An excellent development!

(Z_KURTZERML@CCSVAX.SFASU.EDU Fri, 22 Jan 1993 11:36:31) --

It looks to me as though you are assuming that your mailer
software inserts returns at the ends of lines, and just letting
the lines wrap on your screen where they will. Try inserting a
return each time a line gets about as long as these are. My
mailer software does not wrap lines. I have some pen marks along
the top of my terminal. I them to calibrate my reference
perceptions when I have to remember to wrap lines manually. (I
usually call up a text editor from within the mailer program, and
that wraps lines automatically.)

(Greg Williams (930123) ) --
(Avery.Andrews 930124.0435 ) --

Avery, what you bring to this especially is the fine-honed skills
in academic polemics that are an explicit part of training in
linguistics at MIT. Effective argumentation seems definitely to
be in order. Your proposed outline illustrates the point nicely.
Your contribution can be invaluable no matter who writes the

(In the past, that rhetorical style has infuriated me, but for
rather different reasons. In arguing for PCT there is no need to
distort facts the way e.g. Lees (review of _Syntactic
Structures_), Postal (_Constituent Structures_, etc.) and many
others have done, because in the present instance there is no
need for straw men. The folly of the opposition is genuine,
of their own making, and apparently universal.)

(Robert K. Clark Mon, 25 Jan 1993 15:52:00 ) --

Is offering sympathy "Positive Feedback?"

Is an answering groan from another part of the avalanche positive