Dictionary, Learning Disabilities

[From Hank Folson (920703)]

Martin Taylor says (920701 14:00):

To make a PCT dictionary presupposes that the listener/reader has the
proper appreciation of PCT. Otherwise the definitions will make no sense.
So the dictionary would be of more use to CSG-L contributors than to


This dictionary will have both S-R world and PCT world definitions side by
side. Newcomers will see right away that there are big differences between
the two worlds. We will have to complete the dictionary before we will know
whether this will intrigue and attract them or simply turn them off....


Martin Taylor

Re: Similarity/difference processes:

My daughter told me about several students who are receiving help at her
university. One major thing they do is to allow the student unlimited, or at
least two times, the normal test taking time. Without the usual time
constraints, these students can now get well above average grades. I don't
know about you folks, but if I couldn't figure out the answers, sitting
there longer would not improve things! Either I knew it or I didn't. My
guess was that these kids had some difficulty in going from level to level,
and the added time was of use to them for that reason. But the similarity
and difference processes sound like a more logical explanation. It also
suggests the possibility of training people.

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