Dispute about the (defunct) 'Science' category

Several problems with this “About” notice.

(1) It is not at all clear that “people who would be discussing topics in this category understand that model”. For example, what proportion of the readership would be expected to have a clear understanding of the role of tolerance in a complex hierarchy? What proportion of the readership would clearly understand the role of the external energy supply in reducing the entropy of the CEV?

(2) This description denies the possibility of dealing with the implications of the many different ways two or more control systems might interact.

(3) The presentation and discussion of theoretical analysis is very much an aspect of Science, but it is prohibited in this description.

(4) Discussion of Reorganization is prohibited.

Is that enough to suggest that a total rewrite of the description might be in order? Alternatively, and perhaps easier, the Category title might be changed to “Empirical tests of the HPCT model”, and a new “Science of Perceptual Control” initiated.