A few people have requested email copies of my dissertation entitled
"Developing and Evaluating a Meditation and Self-Help Group Based on
Perceptual Control Theory". I have decided to go ahead and post the entire
document to CSGnet as an attachment (bigd71.doc) so whoever is interested can
download it. The file is an MS Word 7.0 document which is about 1/2 meg. in
size (204 pgs. with appendices, 160 pgs. of text). The figure in the
appendix on pg. 179 will be blank because it is one that I Xeroxed from a
drawing. Otherwise it should all be there.

Bob C.

PS I also have some copies I had made which are double sided and bound and I
can make more as needed. If anyone wants one of these I will send it to you
at cost plus shipping (probably between $10 and $15).

BIGD71.DOC (59 Bytes)