DOS DEMODISK bugs. Version March.

[From Dag Forssell (940216 2320)]


David Goldstein sent me this message with his $10:

Every program seems to work fine EXCEPT for ARM1. In this case, there
seems to be something missing. Please remedy and send me a second copy
when you get a chance.

What a beautiful job you have done on this!

Best regards, David

David, Thanks.

I am responding this way in order to ask out loud if anyone else has
noted any problem. Your message gives me no clue at all to go on. The
problem may be with you or your computer. What device did you specify
when you ran the program the first time? Try deleting the file ADCONFIG
(see ARM1.RD) and run the program again.

I certainly don't know of any problem with ARM1. If your problem
persists, please mail the disk back to me, so I can examine it.



Rick recently bought his daughter Lisa a fancy 486 computer. Fortunately
for the demodisk, it turns out it has no math co-processor, so we have
discovered that the ECOLI program required one the way Bill fixed it
last. The March version of the DEMODISK will have ECOLI not needing the
math co-processor. If you don't have a math co-processor, or want to
share copies of the demodisk with others, please see to it that you share
the March version, which will be ready in a few days.

The TUMBLE program (a version of ECOLI) leaves the color image on the
screen when you quit the program. This is a very minor flaw, but it is
fixed as well in the March version.

The first time you start up the MINDREAD program, it creates 5
disturbance tables, then starts. This first time, the number one jumps
around, but behaves when you start controlling with the mouse. The
second time you run it is OK. This seems quite minor, too, but Bill has
fixed it, and the March edition will behave smoothly from the very

Thats all, folks. Seems the demodisk has gone through alpha and beta
testing just like real programs do. I am hopeful that the March disk is
final for now, and that David's problem is David's alone, whatever it is.

Best, Dag