Elaughter as emotion & PCT

from Mr. Remi Cote 961013.2143

I was wandering, as I read the post on emotion, about the
existance of a PCT analyse of humors.

I can produce an hypothesis about what happen when someone
laugh about a joke.

First there is a reference setting, we ear the context of the

What is the difference between a man and a bottle of beer?

And then we are expose, by this context, to an error between the reference
and the question state (that I presume is present in anything that
make us laugh).

So the context is there to make us feel an error.

Second, there is the punch line. This is a solution. A relatively
big gain, given by the joke teller. This big gain produce an emotion
a laughter. It is a resolution of tension. This gain produce
a big soothing (soulagement).

There is no difference, both are empty from the neck up.

Any comments, or other joke submit to PCT analyses are welcome.

Or maybe these matter have been discussed before, in which case
pinpoint me to the reference...

Mr Remi