Experiencing Stress in PCT (was Re: Defining Stress in PCT)

[From Rick Marken (2003.02.27.1700)]

Bill Powers (2003.02.27.1644 MST)]

I may feel your criticisms of
my ideas as creating stress, but the criticism is not the variable I'm
controlling: the important variable is (could be) my sense of self esteem,
which, because I experience your criticism as lowering it, is being made
lower than I want it to be (we still mustn't forget to mention the
reference signal even if it's obvious).

The GSR, by the way, measures resistance, not
voltage, despite the use of the term "galvanic." It should be called the
OSR -- Ohmic Skin Response. Any voltages that people generate are in the
range of microvolts, invisible to a GSR meter, which measures resisistance.

Since I was the one who referred to GSR as a voltage, this criticism constituted a
stressor that pushed my self-esteem well below its reference (currently set at
zero;-) and raised my stress to the "Ohm my god" level;-)

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