'Formal Education'

HERE my friends is why PCT and CSGnet are where they are;

It seems I’m not the only one with a lack of a formal education. In fact, I have a more formal education is neural physiology than Powers does. I actually read a book or two on it. His ‘knowledge’ or lack thereof comes solely from his own introspection.



Date: Sun Jan 01, 1995 7:11 am PST

Subject: Re: PCT, up to a point

[From Bill Powers (950101.0700 MST)]

Here’s 1995. Enjoy.

Lars Christian Smith (941231.1700 CET) –


** I claim that human behavior is understandable as the operation**

** of a highly systematic and orderly system - at least up to a point.**


>What is the point beyond which human behavior is not understandable as

>a perceptual control system? What aspects are not understandable as

>such? Why not?

I have no idea what consciousness/awareness/attention is (other than through personal experience). I don’t know how memory works or how it fits in with behavioral organization, although I’ve proposed a few vague and so far untestable ideas. I have only a rudimentary formal idea of how higher levels of perception and control work (have a better idea of how mine work, but not yours).

Aside from ignorance due to lack of research or ideas, I think there are some basic limitations on our ability to demonstrate systematicity and order in behavior.

So Please tell me Billie Boy, what has transpired in the past 10 years to bolster your ‘research’, ‘formal’ education, and ‘testing’ in this area?

Still think your ‘doing’ science? Nah, but you never thought so anyway right?