Friday the 13th, Part II

[From Rick Marken (960913.0750)]

Mr. Remi Cote (friday the 13th, 9H39 EST) --

You say that equilibrium system is becoming trendy...I didn't know, I was
introduce at this concept by Bruce (I Think) So If it is so trendy, can you
give me recent (last ten years) reference, article, names...

One reference I have just makes the cut: J. A. S. Kelso (1986) in H. Heuer
and C. Fromm (Eds) Generation and modulation of action patterns (pp. 105-128)
Berlin: Springer-Verlag.

I know that there are fairly recent books (early 1990s) on behavior from an
"equilibrium" perspective. Look up books by J. A. S Kelso or Michael Turvey.
There is another big name in this area but I can't remember it at the
moment. I think Avery Andrews can help you get more recent references.

You say, I don't want to consider a career move in pct...

I was joking, to some extent. But the fact is that if you are considering a
career in the _non-applied_ behavioral sciences, PCT doesn't fit too well
into the cause-effect curricula in these disciplines. I think a career in PCT
could work quite well if you are in an applied area, like counseling or
education. Applied people don't care what you say as long as you pronounce it

I've talked about this list to some psychologist friend and coworker, and
the reaction is always the same. "It must be a bunch of weirdo, loosers
trying to fit the world with their theory"

Amazing how well these people were able to describe us without even having
read the list or done the PCT demos. Most impressive;-)

I just described the kind of intervention you or Mr. Leach are enacting, and
people I talk with have the image of the old guy, trying to design a
perpetual mouvement mechanism...

I don't know if Mr. Leach would want to be included along with me, the
Senator McCarthy of PCT. Bill Leach is REALLY a nice guy. I, as you correctly
note, am NOT;-)

You may have a career with PCT but it is in favor of PCT opponent. Because,
every day you make it regress it into witchhunt..

I take it, then, that you will not be naming names;-)


Senator McMarken

[Martin Taylor 960913 11:30]

Rick Marken (960913.0750)

Bill Leach is REALLY a nice guy. I, as you correctly note, am NOT;-)

As usual, I beg to differ with Rick. But since I've never met Bill Leach,
I can't comment on the first part of this claim.

I have met Rick, though.

Rick--isn't there ANYTHING we can agree on?