"Frontup" for Little Man

[From Rick Marken (931127.1030)]

Bill Powers (931127.0800 MST) --

What more backup can I provide than a model that uses a realistic
representation of the feedback loops, the muscular torque
generation, and the physical dynamics of the arm?

Indeed. I think the little man has plenty of backup. What it needs
now is some "frontup" -- people in front of the screen who are actually
willing to learn 1) what control is and 2) how it works. PCT doesn't
need backup (it's got plenty) it needs some frontup -- which,
unfortunately, is in pretty short supply. I think the problem is
that the potential frontup people just "know" too much. It's hard
to get them down from the "trendy science" chandelier long enough
to look at the simple, elegant and clear demonstrations of PCT.

Ah well.