FW: Realization

[From Bruce Gregory (981020.1720 EDT)]

Herewith a post from Isaac:

Bruce A, for "constuctive" I would suggest
a)actively trying to incorporate it into your work. That is,
explicitly, if only a simple start.
b)trying to meet those other persons that are interested and within your
state or adjacent.

A is by far the most important. Nothing grand just a little at a time,
fitting it in with a particular research question that can be continued.
B is so we APPREHEND who the heck is on the other end of the line. This
lets us see face to face if that perosn really is an ass-hole or is just a
wise-ass, and could lead to collaborative efforts, and can lead to some
nice MEANINGFUL exchanges of ideas.
You know I don't even know what you look like and vice versa..and yes that
is important as we are humans and its easy to stab electronic
ghosts..unfortunately those ghosts are often connected to real people.
You guys know all this. This spring i'll try to think of something
informal (4 people, maybe five). Why don't you guys do that too.
McPhail, Cziko, Vancouver, and Abbott are all MidWesters. Thats four.
Good luck.


Constructive is good! What do you have in mind? (:->

Bruce A.