Fw: Stuttering

[from Shannon Williams (2004.06.10,23:55 CST)]

[From Bjorn Simonsen YG (2004.06.10,21:45 EuST)]

It sounds to me like the hearing aide or private technique
described below emphasizes deferent perceptions, which
activate(?) different controls for the stutterer.

I may be uncertain what ‘to activate’ denotes in PCT. Maybe you can help me?

By definition, a controlled perception is associated with atleast one control loop. In speech, there are many concurrent controlled perceptions. I used the verb ‘activate’ and the noun ‘controls’ to communicate this concept. (I like using active verbs.)

I can’t understand how a distraction can allow anybody to bypass a control of a perception. Can you explain that for me?

A group of control loops, such as a human, does not process all control loops equally. It would be unable to act when conflicting controls are activated. A ‘distraction’ would occur when a low-ranking control loop is given high enough priority to be processed.


[from Shannon Williams (2004.06.10,23:55 CST)]

From[Bill Williams 10 May 2004 4:50 PM CST]

I believe what you say but I am sure your ECUs perceived the injection.

Perhaps _they_ did, but I didn't myself experience the pain that I would

have expected to feel.

Also, you made no action to prevent the pain. The controls associated with
avoiding pain were bypassed.