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Subject: Some interesting vision references ("Why Progress in Machine Vision Is
So Slow)
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From: (Irek Defee)
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Subject: Re: Canny Edge Detector
Date: 8 Aug 92 06:54:58 GMT

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(Dr. Steven L. Eddins) writes:

The interested hobbyists experimenting with the CAnny edge detector
should take a look at the recent papers by Margaret Fleck BEFORE
starting to experiment. Just scan IEEE PAMI, I don't have a copy here.

The references are:
M. M. Fleck, "Some Defects in Finite-Difference Edge Finders," IEEE
Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, vol. 14, n.
3, March 1992, pp. 337-345.
M. M. Fleck, "Multiple Widths Yield Reliable Finite Differences," IEEE
Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, vol. 14, n.
4, April 1992, pp. 412-429.

Very good reading, indeed. Then, add to the Marr-Hildreth and Canny optimal
edge detectors;

J. Shen, S. Castan, "An Optimal Linear Operator for Step Edge Detection,"
CVGIP: Graphics Models and Image Processing, vol. 54, No. 2, March
1992, pp. 112-133.

But, for God's sake, before developing any new (optimal or not) edge
detectors, read please:

R. C. Jain, T. O. Binford, "Ignorance, Myopia and Naivete in Computer
Vision Systems," CVGIP: Image Understanding, vol. 53, No. 1, Jan.
1991, pp. 112-117, 1991.

T. Pavlidis, "Why Progress in Machine Vision Is So Slow," Pattern
Recognition Letters vol. 13, April 1992, pp. 221-225.

Irek Defee
Signal Processing Laboratory,
Tampere University of Technology,
Tampere, Finland, Europe.