Gary Cziko's handling of EE vis a vis PCT

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In other words, are control loops examples of the "vicarious selectors"
of Donald Campbell's "Evolutionary Epistemology" in the sense that that
they are representations from a lineage of control systems that had to
survive a relatively direct, non-vicarious selection process?


This sounds a lot like the arguments Gary Cziko makes in his book, Without
Miricles. Have you read it? I think it's fair to say he's a big fan of
Campbell. Some chapters from his book are on line at the CSG Web Site.

Reading Cziko (1995) is what turned me on to PCT (thanks again Gary!).
I should re-read it now. Meanwhile, I don't think Gary gets into
"selection within control the loop" so to speak. As with Petrie's
(1981) book, which presents an educational philosphy, Cziko (1995)
more or less synthesizes of PCT and EE (Evolutionary Epistemology),
but, of course, Edelman's Neural Dawinism (1987) wasn't around in
1981 to be used in Petrie's version.

{I see that Rick Marken (960909.2300) has some interpretations of
  of within-loop selection that are helpful...but I can't respond
  to those yet, because I gotta go...}

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