groups & sophistry

[Avery Andrews 930915.1441]
  (Tom Bourbon [930914.1302])

> I
>stop short of accepting the ideas that cells in an organism function like
>people in an organization, and that, in turn, people in an organization
>function identically to the function boxes in a formal PCT model.
I wouldn't say `identically' either, `maybe sort of similar, for some
purposes' is all I've been advocating. From the rest of the message,
I doubt that we really disagree about anything.

>When PCT modelers suggest that other people begin making models of control
>systems, the usual replies are that it is too hard and that there is not
>enough time. That is why I started urging people to make diagrams of
>situations they might *wish* they could model, or that they *believe*
>represent instances of control, or variations on the PCT model.

Well, I've actually done a certain amount of this, although not to the
point of having discovered much of anything (except maybe the effect
of cartesian vs. polar coordinates for arm control). But the rate
at which it is possible to actually do things is unfortunately a lot
slower than the rate at which one feels impelled to talk about them
on email networks!!