Hal, 11/22, to Dan Miller, 11/19, on venting

From the vantage point of the sense of control--of community--I seek,

the earlier and more often venting occurs, the more useful the
dialogue, the stronger the signs that the dialogue is about what
really matters to our daily sense of being in or out of control.

Mary's rage doesn't need justification, and I do take it as a valid
sign of when to back off on routine essay-posting. That's why I
continue to read the great bulk of conversation on this net, and
comment as now.

I'm still learning, and I thank y'all, quite seriously, for the role
you've played in my own thinking these past several months. You may
not like what I make of your dialogue and writing, but for what it's
worth, I feel the richer for it.

But then, as you know, I'm a peculiar sort of control freak...l&p hal