Hal: Huh?

[from Mary Powers 930927]

Hal Pepinsky:

You say: "My thesis is that PCT presents a model of control which
inherently provokes violence, and that beside it we have another
model to follow, in which among other things conflict is deemed


How does the PCT model "inherently provoke violence". A major
feature of the organization of living systems is that they
control. PCT offers a model of how this is done, from the
workings of enzyme systems, to being able to stand up, to making
love, to making war. Violence isn't "provoked" by PCT - maybe
some of the few people who've heard of PCT are violent now and
then, but violence has done just fine throughout human history
without any assistance from PCT. PCT has a few suggestions as to
why control systems get violent, but it is strange reasoning
indeed to assert that violence is therefore inherent in or
provoked by the theory.

Tell us about your model in which conflict is deemed desirable.

Mary Powers=1A