Hal to Chuck Tucker on FF in class

Interesting. I am not sure I could do any better, although I do know
the difference between helping someone find the donkey and confusing
the blindfolded person. It is in part a matter of whether you build
an expectation of trust or deceit into the spinning, in part a matter
of whether you build or destroy confidence/shame in the spinnee.

The task at hand is to give her confidence and a feeling of
self-validation and expression in approaching-nay even passing
through--the circle. I would try to put into her hands to start with
the job of trying to explain why she thought her lines hadn't touched
the circle. I would try to guide her to a sense of figuring out her
own next move. If I continued to care whether the lines touched the
circle, I imagine this general approach would feed her forward faster
than your approach. I'd try to switch your focus on communicating
outcomes to a focus on exchanging ideas as to what's going on. l&p