Heims book

From Ken Hacker, May 17, 92:

Right On! to Bruce Nevin's comment about how leaving out accounts of social
comformity is not talking about people. Great point for thought.

In the April issue of Technology Review, there is a book review about the
book called The Cybernetics Group, written by physicist Steven Heims. Has
anyone hear read it and have an opinion about whether it should go on one's
CSG reading list?

Thanks. Ken Hacker

Heims appeared at the 1991 ASC conference in Amherst on a panel about
his book, among other things. He was praised by the likes of Stafford
Beer and others. Although I have yet to purchase the book, I plan to.
I did go to lunch with Heims and greatly enjoyed our conversation. He
has a keen insight into the early cybernetic thinkers, on whose work
Powers has built.


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