*How* and *Why*

[From Rick Marken (931117.0730)]

Oded Maler (931117 13:30) --

I have the impression that sometimes you (Rick) are the best
demonstration of feed-forward (model-based and not perception-based)
control system :slight_smile:

All highly skilled, purposeful behavior looks like feedforward "control".
You have to do "the test" to determine whether it is, in fact, feed-
forward or not. Remember, "all that glitters is not feedforward" :wink:

But seriously, I'm not sure my point is clearly understood. I make a
distinction between

1) *How* the system works *internally* (controlling its perception).

2) *Why* does the system succeed in doing it in the world, both
internally and externally (apparently achieving "objective" goals in Boss

Ok. I believe that you make the distinction. But could you please
explain this distinction a little more fully. For example, could you
give me an example of an answer to each type of question -- ie. answers
to the questions *How* does a control system work? *Why* does it succeed
in the real world?



Geez, did I say all that up there? It just popped out of my fingers.