I don't like it, then again....PS

[Jim Dundon]

[Jim Dundon]


You have said that "we don't control reference signals we control perceptions." Did you mean in PCT or in life in general.

This is making me squirm.

I might have to get an AT lesson to deal with this.

I wanna have some say about my reference signals.

Every time I think of this I get Angst.

Why did you do this?

Why can't we do both?

This sounds worse than stimulus response.

Where's the autonomy PCT promises?

I have to take orders from one level after the other knowing that the top level doesn't take orders from anything or anyone.

I don't like it, unless......... I am my own hierarchy.

Is this what you are saying? Each of us is his own hierarchy? Is this the PCT autonomy?

In which case I control all the signals? Not bad!!


Jim D


If I wanted to shunt the principals level and have a little fun, could I do it?

[From Rick Marken (2007.06.05.0820)]

Jim Dundon ( --

If I wanted to shunt the principals level and have a little fun, could I do

Certainly. You will do (perceive) whatever your higher level systems
say that you should perceive. Apparently your higher level systems
want to perceive something (like PCT being a promise of autonomy) that
can be perceived only if you change the way you want to see the model
(shunting principles might help you perceive the model t\he way you
want). So have a ball.

You never answered Bill's questions about the rules of the game by
which you are playing in terms of evaluating PCT but it's pretty
clear that you are not playing by the rules I like to play by. Which
is fine. The rules I play by prevent me for changing the model just
for fun. I do it only on the basis of experimental evidence because I
play by the rules of science. I don't think you want to play by those
rules, which is fine. But it will certainly result in our having very
different approaches to PCT.




Richard S. Marken PhD
Lecturer in Psychology UCLA
Statistical Analyst VHA