IJHCS Special issue online

[Martin Taylor 990217 10:00]

I have just received the proofs of my Editorial for the Special Issue of
IJHCS on PCT. I assume that the paper authors either have already or
soon will receive their proofs.

At the head of my proof is a line "available online at
http://www.idealibrary.com ".

I checked that link, which covers 175 Academic Press journals, but guest
access is not available between 05:00 and 19:00 on weekdays. Guest
access apparently would allow you to see tables of contents and abstracts,
but not full text (though there is a link labelled "free trials" on the
page). To get full text, you have to subscribe. However, as I read the
pages that are available, it is likely that universities and research
institutions may have institutional licences, so if you belong to such
an institution, you could enquire as to whether you have such a subsciption.
If you do, you ought now (or soon) to be able to read the special issue