IJHCS Special Issue

[Martin Taylor 941014 15:50]

So far, I have received drafts of three papers for the IJHCS Special
Issue, one of them my own, and one from a non-participant on CSG-L.
This seems to suggest a remarkable lack of interest among PCT students
in a fine opportunity to demonstrate the importance of PCT in front of
exactly the right kind of audience, especially given the permanent
thread of complaints about inability to publish PCT in mainstream
journals (which IJHCS most definitely is). So, rather than waiting
for authors to send their papers when ready, as I have been doing so far,
I am now proposing some dates for specific events to happen.

I shall be away from next Thursday (Oct 20) until Nov 16, back for a week,
and then gone for two weeks, by which time we will be into the Xmas season.
Would it be too much to ask the authors for the special issue on PCT to
give me ASCII or paper drafts (or MSWord, or RTF, or Postscript, or ASCII with
Postscript pictures or ...) by Nov 16, so that I can circulate the drafts
back to the authors for mutual comment and so that authors can cross-reference
each other within the issue?

If I can have first drafts by Nov 16, I can hope to have comments about my
perception of their suitability for the issue by New Year. We can then hope
to have drafts suitable for external refereeing by, say, Feb 15. The
editor of IJHCS has told me that I have the say about publication, and you
can rest assured that the kinds of referee criticism that I have seen
mentioned in complaints will not have any weight with me. However, that
does not mean I will be insensitive to referee comments. Neither will
the fact that you may take a position with which I have disagreed on CSG-L
have any weight, provided it is a position that you can and have argued
sensibly (in my view). If the position with which I disagree is one that
I think is not sensible, I will seek other opinions, most probably from
PCT "old-hands." If you can think of a fairer way of evaluating papers
in this field, which is understood by very few, let me know.

By the way, up to Nov 16 I will be open to the submission of drafts from
people who have not previously said they would provide a paper for the
special issue. Papers may be of any length, from one-page notes of interest
to longer theoretical or experimental studies. The only criterion is that
the length of the paper be commensurate with its quality and contribution.

Hoping to hear from you by Nov 16.