<Bob Clark (940406.1109 EST)>

Bill Powers (940401.0730 MST)

To make it easier to coordinate different topics, this note is being
posted separately from discussion of temporal variables.

Although the remark about "differences between people" in my post was
directed mainly at variations in recording and playback abilities,
your more extended application is certainly pertinent and appropriate.

The scientific approach to behavior has always assumed that when you
deal with a human being or a Sprague-Dawley rat, you are dealing
with a standardized piece of machinery, so that one individual is
interchangeable with another of the same species.

Only too true! It is essential to examine differences between
individuals as well as similarities. Both studies can lead to
interesting and useful results. Indeed, experimental methods require
balance between these approaches.

I remember my surprise on seeing the diversity among actual brain
specimens. I wondered about the application of stereotaxic devices.
Later I realized that they were used in combination with
individualized eeg data.

It seems to me that you and I visited the neuroanatomy classes
separately, but with similar results.

Now, back to creating a post on Temporal Variables.

Regards, Bob Clark