Intellectual property (3rd transmission)

[from Tracy Harms (2007 10 01 14:00)]

Rick Marken (2007.10.01.0930) wrote:

Glasser might have stolen some stuff from PCT but
I don't think it was anything important. It's sort
of like someone stealing some of the secrets to
building an A bomb and the secrets stolen were the
wiring color codes.

I love this analogy, Rick.

Here, we do well to meditate on the advice given to
Arthur Whitney by Ken Iverson, which Whitney recounted

** Another time when I was concerned about getting
** credit for some idea I had, he said, �Arthur, if
** it�s a really good idea, you�re going to have to
** shove it down people�s throats. Don�t be worried
** about getting credit.�

The history of the dissemination of perceptual control
theory fits that perfectly.



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