joint paper... count me in!

[from Ray Jackson 930504.1130]

Bill Powers (930501.1010):

The following paper is a first draft, the final product to be
submitted to an unselected journal. I am inviting comments,
revisions, deletions, additions, rewordings, new concepts, or
anything else that will make it acceptable to readers on this
net. I particularly want these things from people who will be
willing to become co-authors of the paper. I would like this
paper to appear with many authors from many disciplines in many
countries around the world: the more the better.

First, I think this is a WONDERFUL idea...especially for those of us
want to contribute but have much more to learn about PCT. Please
count me as a "co-author" if, as Gary put it, I can make a useful
contribution (in any way). Comments on the existing draft to follow.

However, one of the things I teach at Motorola is that just because a
large number of people work on something, doesn't mean the product
will be any better; the group must have structures in place to ensure
the quality of the group effort. Bill, will you have the final say as
to what this paper is all about?

Thanks, I'm looking forward to this.

Best Regards,


Ray L. Jackson
3613 West Saragosa
Chandler, AZ 85226