Linking Pursuit & Compensatory

[Erling Jorgensen (950226.1205CST)]

I'm wondering if there is any value in hierarchically linking two
types of tracking tasks, as a way of investigating linkages in the
PCT hierarchy. Is there a way to set up a pursuit tracking task
which can only be performed via sufficient accuracy on a compensatory
tracking task?

For instance, what if the higher level target were a short vertical
line moving back and forth along the X-axis according to some
disturbance pattern? Underneath would be another short vertical
cursor, performing pursuit tracking by movements of the mouse along
the X-axis.

But this cursor would only move if another horizontal cursor were
within a certain bandwidth at the center of the first (vertical)
cursor. The second (horizontal) cursor would be disturbed up and
down by some disturbance table, and responding to mouse movements
along the Y-axis, making that a compensatory tracking task.
Successful lower level (compensatory) tracking would be necessary
to achieve successful upper level (pursuit) tracking.

I do not yet have the programming skills necessary for this, but
is there a way such an arrangement could be set up? And would it
tell us anything useful about how goals in a PCT hierarchy might
be linked?

Just wondering,


To: Rick Marken