To all CSG users


If there's ever a doubt
That I can work it out
It's because I'm misinformed
For the truth is you see
It all comes from me
It's a little like being reborned
(chorus: to the tune of "I'm my own granpa").
I'm my own granpa, oh I'm my own granpa. It sounds funny
I know but it really is so, oh I'm my own granpa.

If I call on the phone
And find I'm not home
And hang up and dial again
I'll continue that way
Till my dying day
fulfilled my yen


If a problem I see
I know it's in me
And so the solution as well
I just change a sequence
And settle it hence
If I don't I'll live in a shell

I can be my own dad
And for that I am glad
For now I can reproduce me
And fulfill my endeaver
To go on forever
Having been my own husbandry


A little light stuff for the holidays from JD