Marken Computer Demos

[from Gary Cziko 920828.2237]

Rick Marken (920828.1330) to Dennis Delprato (920828)

I'll try to write a program that will support your lab.
I think I could do it in Hypercard -- but the animation might
not run fast enough unless you're running an SE30 or better.
I could also write it in Basic or Pascal. In either case I
could send you both the source and object files. This might
be the best way to go if you have Turbo pascal or microsoft basic.

Rick, some time ago you mentioned the possibility of "packaging" your
programs into one with a menu interface. I would find this very useful for
my students. We do use programs like Find Mind and Mind Reader, but having
it all together would be a lot easier. Would this fit into Dennis's needs
as well?--Gary


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