Mathematicization of PCT

[From Chris Cherpas (961009.1655 PT)]

What would you suggest as the most mathematicized/axiomatized
formulation of PCT (not including stealing Bill Powers' brain)
available? I've had several discussions with Mario Zanotti
about PCT, and have lent him all of my PCT books(!), but he recently
asked me if there was a source containing something like a pure
mathematical formulation, which I imagine he could step through
somewhat in the manner of reading a proof.

I'm sure Mario would not want to misinterpret, or miss something
interesting, because of differences in American _versus_
Italian connotations/usage of certain terms. In fact, I often
use the term "certain" to mean "some" (as in the end of the
previous sentence), while at other times saying "certain"
means "for sure." Actually, this is just the way Mario prefers
to think about scientific problems.