MCT <> PCT, Models

[From Rick Marken (970226.1600)]

Hans Blom (970226b) --

what I call a model, in PCT expressed as "perceptual input functions"

Bruce Gregory (979226.1715 EST) --

The truth at last. Perception = Model... Now that we know this,
everyone can see that MCT _is_ HPCT. Now perhaps we can move on...

Excellent observation. Now what we need is a law that limits the
number of meanings that can be assigned to the word "model" to 1
(or, at least, to 1/day) :wink:

Martin Taylor (970226 14:30) --

It may gall you that the real-life data that you so often urge
people to look at turns out to seem to support Hans.

It doesn't gall me at all. But I don't think the data support Hans'
model yet (though they certainly don't reject it). A PCT model can
handle the data, too. So right now it seems to me that these
"tracking with predictable target" experiments might be a nice
basis for comparing the behavior of Hans' and the PCT models to
real data.

And I suppose it must be worse that you generated those data

Only because it makes me feel like I'm one of the only ones doing the
grunt work.