From [Marc Abrams (2006.05.17.1040)]

Before I depart I thought it might be worthwhile trying to explain that he use of metaphor is no crime nor does it stop one from doing useful modeling or research.

What it does do is put certain parameters on what may be attained by that modeling and research, and here is where the rub comes in for those sensitive to this on CSGnet.

You cannot do “science” with metaphors. Its that simple. Why not? Because science is about understanding “causation” and understanding causation is understanding what necessarily must happen given certain entities and relationships and since with metaphors you are never quite certain as to what is “causing” what, this determination is impossible to make.

Now, this is not to say that good, important and useful modeling and research can’t be done. It can and is. It simply will not provide causation, although through hard work, those metaphors can be transformed into science someday.

So with our current level of understanding about control and human behavior, it really is much ado about nothing.

Unless of course you hold certain theories about signals, feedback, and PCT.