Methods for self-report of emotions

[From Tom Hancock (2003.03.30.2130 PST)]

The self-report of emotions may yield more valid impressions for PCT consideration if the methods of Ericsson and Simon as reported in Psych Review (I believe it was1980 in the same journal as Bill’s excellent PCT paper of a couple years earlier), in a paper entitled something like Verbal-report as Valid Data. One of their main points is that the Working Memory (or my addition: what is presently in consciousness or what is being sensed in relation to the present neural firing) needs to be tapped. They demonstrated (or argued) that reconstructed memories will tend to be altered from original perception by more permanent concepts, generalizations, expectations, retrieval context, etc. So for small bits of more valid self-reporting, it may be best to catch yourself in the act of being emotional and then immediately (during the actual experience or within a few seconds) to follow Bill’s recommendations for introspection and self-report.

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