Might makes right

[From Rick Marken (970627.0800 PDT)]

I tried the Open Loop "Control" Java demo on a 200 MHz Pentium
PC running Netscape 3.01 in a Windows 95 environment. I looked
for cursor lag after fast abrupt mouse movements and saw virtually none
at all. The demo (and all the other demos) worked exceptionally well. I
then tried it on a 200 MHz Mac running the same version of
Netscape. Again, the Open Loop demo ran beautifully as did all
the others; the results of the "Levels" demo were particularly nice
on these fast machines. I think these fast machines eliminate some
of the timing problems that arise from running Java in the browser
environment. So some of the problems of Java may be overcome by
advances in technology. Might (200MHx+ processors) will make things
right (smooth, real-time control demos). I may include a caveat on
the demos page that says something like "demos work best on
machines running at or above 200MHz".

But the demos still work awfully well on my pokey old 120 MHz Mac and
166 MHz PC. I wonder if you (Bill) are experiencing particularly bad
interactive graphics lags because you are doing the demos on a notebook
PC. I haven't tried the demos on a noteboiok yet. I guess that will be
the next step.




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