minski (from Mary)

[from Mary Powers 951110]


I'm sure you'd write a fine letter to Minsky. Better than me - I
haven't read his book. I do feel obliged to do that first :wink:

I'm working on two other things right now, but will get to it
eventually. I learn a lot about PCT trying to tell someone else
about it (though lately I've been taking the easy way out and
telling them to take a look at what's on the Web - after, of
course, expressing shock and dismay at that mysteriously missing
citation between Popper and Pribram).

Mary P.

[From Shannon Williams (951111.late)]

What have you all been talking about! I have 60 some-odd messages in my
mail box since yesterday at 5:00. Most of them look like they are from
CSG. I peeked at the first few, and they look really good. I like Bill
Leach's definitions of PCT terms, and Chris' concept of states...

Mary Powers 951110--

Instead of writing to Minsky, I am going to post to the ai.philosophy
newsgroup. I have seen Minsky's signature there before, so if he is
interested, maybe he will discuss it a little. My post will consist of a
paragraph stating that I think that PCT explains what 'agents' are, and how
they operate, and then I will append the post that initially interested me
in PCT. This post was written by Richard Kennaway (are you still lurking
out there Richard?), and I am still waiting for his permission before I

If anyone has any better ideas, please tell me and I will use them. Also,
if anyone responds from the ai group, I will forward the response to this

Would you mind if a bunch more ai and alife folks were to join this list?