Model Economy (attaching GIFs)

[Martin Taylor 2000.03.14 10:30]

[From Rick Marken (2000.03.13.1620)]

I am attaching a GIF flow diagram of my model economy.

That worked very well for me, using Eudora 4.2 on a Mac. The GIF
showed up as an image at the end of the text. I'll look at it later.

For a long time we have debated how to send pictures more complicated
than an ASCII diagram can easily manage. I'm wondering whether Rick's
attachment worked well for everyone, for most people, or only for a
few lucky ones.

If it worked well for most, we could use this method as a standard
procedure. It might help in future discussions if we could
incorporate clear diagrams in our messages rather than having to
resort to ASCII simplifications or to putting pictures up on Web
pages that readers might not bother to access.


{from Jeff Vancouver 2000.03.14.1107]

For what it is worth, I had no trouble viewing it. I use Outlook, but it
came up in a Corel product (it depends on whether you have software that can
read GIF and the assocation Windows/MAC OS has for it).