More CLOSED LOOP business

Actually, from Greg Williams (930306)

I tried to post the following to Ray Jackson directly, but it bounced
back. I hope the whole net won't mind seeing it. Ray, how do ATT Mail
addresses work?

From Greg Williams (930205 - direct)

As you're looking for resources to help out on Closed Loop issues, I'd
like to offer my services as an editor. I'm an ex-English teacher, so
proofing comes fairly easily for me; I'd also be glad to make readibility
comments if you'd like.
I'm quite short on time until the end of April (finishing my Masters),
but I'll have more time after that.
Let me know if this is something that could help you out.

Thanks very much for the offer, Ray. I do have a project in mind which you
could help with if you want. Last year there was an extended discussion of
interpersonal manipulation and PCT on the net, mainly between Bill Powers
and myself. By the time the debate wound down, several netters had asked
that it be edited and printed in CL. I've been putting that off, mainly
because I don't like the idea of editing my (sometimes heated) arguments
involving me as a main participant. Would you consider editing the material
for CL? I know it needs a lot of cutting; there was significant repetition,
not to mention several blind alleys. A likely issue for publication would
be the one due out ca. July 15th (which will probably go out ca. August 1,
if history is any guide).

Let me know what you think.

As ever,


P.S. I hope you will be sending copyright clearance for your posts.