More on L & L (and R)

From Greg Williams (930525 - 3)

Gary Cziko 930525.1709 UTC [on Locke & Latham]

Greg, or anyone, just what type of perspective do these guys propose?
Are they mind-body dualists of some sort (if so, that in itself would
knock them out of the cognitive psych/philosophy mainstream)?

Gary, perhaps you'd better read some more of their 413-page book
yourself to decide FIRST about the coherency IN GENERAL of what they
propose. There seems to be a lot of reference to experiments "showing
significant or contingently significant relationships" between various
measures. Ah, statistics! Locke claims to have been "heavily
influenced by the philosophy of Objectivism [of Ayn Rand]."

In 1987, Locke wrote a paper titled "How to Motivate Employees" for a
periodical called STATE LEGISLATURE; he enthusiastically references
Frederick Taylor's work on "Scientific Management."

As ever,