Near performance of the Test

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  (Rick Marken 930928?)

You might want to take a look at:

   Kelso, Tuller, Vaikoitis-Bateson and Fowler (1984), `Functionally
    Specific Articulatory Cooperation Following Jaw Perturbation During
    Speech: Evidence for Coordinative Structures', Journal of Exp.
     Psych: Human Perception and Performance 10:812-832.

What they did was perturb the position of the jaw during production
of words, observing for example compensatory movement of the lips
during the articulation of `b' (in a word like `bab', but not during
that of `z' in a word like `baz', but vice versa for the tongue. For
us, this means that there are control systems controlling aperture,
sometimes of the lips, sometimes of the tongue-tip vs. alveolar
ridge. They of course talk about coordinative structures ...

Something I'm surprised that they didn't do was see what happens under
various kinds of anesthesia - it's as if they stopped at the point where
they might have a good chance (a bad one for them) of discovering an
actual control system, thereby trashing their ideology. I've been looking
for later work to remedy this defect, but haven't found any yet.