Neck bone connected to the shoulder bone?

[From Chris Cherpas (960625.1827 PT)]
    [re Bill Powers (960622.1045 MDT)]

Every transition is a
transition from one set of configurations, intensities, or sensations to
another set of them.

Are you saying that controlling for transitions doesn't have to
involve transitions in _configurations_, that a transition control unit
can directly control for changes in sensations or even intensities?
If so, this is different than how I had gotten used to thinking about
the hierarchy.

OK, I admit I lent all my PCT books and articles to my boss, so my
request for clarification is a bit lame. However, I pulled Rick's
"Hierarchical Behavior of Perception" (HBP) article off the net
and it seemed to confirm how I had been thinking previously:

...Going up from sensations there is control of configurations
(combinations of sensations), transitions (temporal changes in
in configurations), events...

I really appreciated that article, by the way, especially the
work on "Levels by Time." However, I find very disturbing that
I don't recall which way the theory is supposed to go now.

retardo montelbond