On Coming to CSG Chicago July 21-25,'04

[From Dick Robertson,2004.06.28.1015CDT]

Ken K, Rich Thurman--

I got your messages Thanks. Anyone else who hasn't heard from me, please resend. I got a new machine and have been unconnected for a few days.

FLYERS: Please send your flight numbers and arrival times.

Bryan might be able to pick up a load of flyers from Midway and I from OHare around midmorinng on Wed. After that take trains vans, as I think I will have to be at the Cenacle by Noon

Here are some instructions for arrival at the Cenacle 513 Fullerton Parkway, Chicago.

Airport express Continental Air trnsp co. $22 per one person, 16 ea for two (that was before the increase in gas price; they might have added a little surcharge by now. Ask for the Cenacle.

By RTA train. Take train from Midway airport (orange line) and in Chicago loop get off at STATE/Lake transfer point, walk down to street level and enter subway entrance, then take northbound Red Line train and get off at Fullerton, then take bus eastbound about a mile to the Cenacle.


Airport Express Continental about 20 per 1, 16/per two or more. You can ask to be taken to the Cenacle

By RTA train. Take train from airport into Chicago loop, and get off at STATE/Lake transfer point and take red line train north to Fullerton exit. Then take bus east to Cenacle.

IF TAKING TRAIN be sure to have a couple fresh one dollar bills for ticket machine. There is an attendant in cage at transfer points if you need help. Tickets cost $2 including transfer, so save ticket after each entry into machine.


From the South:

From I-90 going north, it will join with I-94 going through Chicago. Get off at Fullerton exit (ramp is on right) and go East two miles to Cenacle on your right. If you get to Clark stree you have gone 1 block too far.

From the North:

Coming down Tristate tollway take tollway exit to Chicago (the tollway splits and each branch says "To Chicago": You want the one going East (more nearly straight ahead at the split) I. E. keep in Left lanes. Follow it to Edens express way and curve to the right there which is going south. Edens merges with I-90/94 at Chicago and keep going south to Fullerton exit. Ramp is on the right. Go 2 miles to the Cenacle.

From Northwest: on I-90 continue until it merges with I-94 and continue as above.

From Southwest Via I-55. Heading northeast into Chicago you can either merge into I-90/94 heading north and get off at Fullerton and go east, or you can continue to end of I-55 at McCormick Place on the lake and take North Lake shore Drive to Fullerton exit (maybe 2-3 miles). Exit at Fullerton and turn left on Fullerton Parkway a few blocks to Cenacle.

From West I-290 Eisenhower expressway: Follow to its end (called CongressParkway at this point) and turn noth on north bound Lake Shore drive. Continue to Fullerton exit (and see above).

If anyone is planning on coming on Amtrack or Greyhound, let me know and I'll give instructions.


Dick R.

[From David Goldstein, 2004.07.19.0842 EDT]


I am arriving at Midway via ATA Flight Number 237 at 2:50 pm.

Can I hitch a ride with anyone to the Cenacle Retreat?

David M. Goldstein, Ph.D.

[From Dick Robertson,2004.07.19.1010CDT]

Hi David,

Dag is also arriving near the time you are. I can't myself pick you up because Midway is 40-50 mi from my house and I'm already committed to pick up from OHare if there is anyone there, and also to get Bill's stuff to the Cenacle when I arrive there at noon. If you and Dag could arrange to meet you might check out the van from Midway, or else take the train to the Chicago loop and then share a cab to the Cenacle. That wouldn't be too expensive. Would you please contact Dag and try to make plans? I'm starting to get snowed under.

Best, \



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[From David Goldstein, 2004.07.19.0842 EDT]


I am arriving at Midway via ATA Flight Number 237 at 2:50 pm.

Can I hitch a ride with anyone to the Cenacle Retreat?

David M. Goldstein, Ph.D.