One From Tom

[From Rick Marken (940412.1745)]

Here is a post from Tom Bourbon who is still having problems
posting to CSG-L. Oh, and Tom said he still likes me, though
he might just have been being tactful in order to get me to
post this. I guess that from now on I'll always wonder just
who is controlling my perceptions. Ah. The loss of innocence.


Subject: RE: Promoting PCT

From Tom Bourbon [940512.0832]

I realize this comment is late. By now the net has probably moved on to
other topics. Please bear with me. I'm only partially connected to the
great emerging information super foot path -- the mail I do receive is often
late and I haven't been able to post directly to csg-l for several weeks.

[From Dag Forssell (940407 1750)]

Last weekend, It came to me that I could send out press releases,
announcing the existence of PCT to technical magazines of all

I understand your frustration at the underwhelming response you have seen
when you told people about PCT. (To cheer you up, maybe one day soon I'll
post a few excerpts of the reviews and rejections for my latest attempt to
publish a brief research report on PCT in mainstream psychology journals.)
But please, Dag, no press releases. "Science by press release" is one of
the more shameful features of our sometimes dreary age. Every morning,
another group of "scientists" prattles to the press and the cameras about
the latest "breakthrough" or "miracle of modern science." I hope we don't
join in that sorry exercise.



<[Bill Leach 940412.22:31 EST(EDT)]

[Rick Marken (940412.1745)]

Tom Bourbon [940512.0832]

Of course he is! You don't think that he actually likes you, do you?!

I really sympathize with Tom's position on the press release. However, I
also agree with Dag... humm, does that sound like a control conflict?

I think that maybe a solution is that we recognize this as voluntary
effort by some parties interested in possible application of PCT "where
the rubber meets the road" and in no way reflects upon or is necessarily
the opinion of or even supported by those that are engaged in serious
scientific research related to PCT.

I don't believe that such a view is at all unreasonable nor is it
unreasonable that those that are researchers in PCT would be willing to
critique the efforts of those such as Dag "in interest of purity of
presentation" but the ultimate responsibility would remain with (in this
case) Dag.

Both new and old scientific principles are often used as the bases of
press releases. Some are indeed horrible shams at best but many are
serious efforts to apply scientific principles in new or "unusual" ways.

I think that it is even "unfair" of the purists to expect those of us
that have an opportunity to apply or begin applying our understanding of
PCT to the world in which we live and work. Included would of course
also be those of us that are involved in "industrial education" and

Thus, I suggest to you Tom that you SHOULD divorce yourself from pushing
or even supporting such an effort except that your desire for truth and
purity of presentation should also enable you to be critical of proposed

What say?

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