Orbital insertion

[From Bruce Abbott (960308.1510)]

Houston, Houston, this is Control Systems Operant Lab (CONSOL), do you read?
We have acquisition, repeat, we have acquisition, over.

Our three fixed-ratio ratonauts were placed separately in the test chamber
for response shaping today, and two of the three acquiried lever-press
responding on the FR-1 initial schedule. The third animal is a bit timid
and is frightened by the clack of the feeder, but I did succeed in getting
her to approach the food cup and feed from it. It may take a couple more
sessions to get her adapted to the noise and responding on the lever.
Telmetry looks good on the down-link from the chamber and the camcorder is
producing excellent video. I'll be having a look at today's tape from
subject 96002 to get an idea of the sort of data we should be extracting.
The first things I want to examine are the times between pellet delivery and
collection, and between collection and return to the lever. The "pause
time" (from pellet delivery to resumption of responding) comprises these two
intervals, which are not usually examined separately.

CONSOL over and out.