order reduction (was: categories)

Bruce Nevin (950717.13:32 EST)

(Bill Powers (950309.0815 MST))--

The topic of this post is important to me. For various reasons that I
won't bore you with I have been and will continue to be very slow in
responding. (Four months, you will grant, is pretty slow.) The topic gets
out of hand very easily, so I will proceed in small stages. I hope you will
be patient with me.

When you name something, such as "jump", you are linking a word-
perception to another perception, so either perception can evoke the
perception of the same category. After you have named a few other things
like "John" and "in" you can construct sequences like John jump in.

I believe you mean by this something like the following:

        When you use a word, such as "jump", an associative link of some kind
        evokes another perception from memory. The reverse is also true: when
        you experience the other perception, an associative link of some kind
        evokes the word "jump" from memory.

In particular, I believe you don't mean to say the following:

        When you use a word, such as "jump", to name a perception, you
create a
        link of some kind between that word-perception and the perception that
        you name by it. Once you have created this link, either the
        word-perception or the other perception can evoke a category perception
        that might be appropriately named the "jump" category of perceptions.
        Prior to your naming that perception with the word-perception "jump"
        the link between them did not exist. [The status of the category
        perception is a bit mysterious.]

Am I on the right track?

        Bruce Nevin

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