Our Flat Earth Brothers & Sisters

[From Hank Folson (920905)]

To All:

A couple of times now disparaging remarks have been made on the
net about the the Flat Earth Society. Twenty years ago I watched
an interview on TV with a member of the Society. As I understand
now, the interviewer was controlling to show how smart he was and
how out of touch with reality the Flat Earther was. But the quiet
very in control elderly gentleman talked more about not taking
our view of everything for granted. In spite of the interviewer's
pushing for details about how the earth could be flat, he
continued to make his main point: the obvious, what we take as
truth, may not be true. Some time later, his real message finally
soaked in.

If this group had formed before 1492, the name would then have
been the Round Earth Society. Everyone would have made lots of
fun of them, until of course, 1492.

The Flat Earth Society has much in common with the position
CSGNet and PCT are in now. They are our brothers. They too are
doing some very useful, if unappreciated, work.

It's all perception...


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