"our horizons close"

[From Norman Hovda (2000.04.15.0835 MST)]

[From Bill Powers (2000.04.15.0402 MST)]

This argument isn't going to go away, but it's not going to be resolved,
either. If we take the piecemeal approach, one rule or regulation at a
time, at least we can stay on neutral ground as long as possible. We are
simply not going to agree on a _general_ solution to all these problems.
The only way to get a general solution is to let it emerge from a host of
specific ones. We shouldn't proclaim ourselves to be capitalists or
communists or socialists or libertarians or anarchists, or anything that
commits us to a single rigid framework. We should keep our aims practical
and our horizons close.

I'm content to leave any resolution to the error minimization process,
with you on your path and I on mine.