Participating on CSG-L

[From Bruce Abbott (950919.1320 EST)]

Jeff Vancouver [950919.0850] --

The views expressed in this post are purely my own and should not be
construed as representing the sentiments of PCT theorists. It also
represents why I try not to interact on this net. I am too easily drawn
into interesting, but not career furthering debates. On the other hand,
one never knows where something truly useful will arise. So there you
have it.

Jeff, I hope you will not limit your participation on CSG-L too severely.
You are right to be concerned about being drawn into "interesting, but not
career furthering debates"; participating here can indeed be quite
time-consuming. Yet the fact that you are here indicates that you find
something valuable in these exchanges. Often the only way to really come to
grips with the issues is to offer up your viewpoint and see what happens.
It really forces you to think carefully about your assumptions and the
conclusions you have drawn from them, and exposes misconceptions for
correction. And if perceptual control theory really does capture the
essential nature of human behavior, how can a proper appreciaton of its
basic principles and applications be anything less than truly useful to one
who it attempting to apply psychological science to the problems of
organizational behavior?