: PCT and Learning

[From Richard Thurman (960319.1450)]

Rick Marken (960319.0830)

A nice list of references on PCT and Learning/Education, Rich. Here's one
more (a personal favorite):

Robertson, R. J. and Glines, L.A. (1985) The phantom plateau returns.
Perceptual and Motor Skills, 61, 55- 64

You are right! I got the article out and read it again. (You suggested it
to me last year and I read it but it did not sink in.)

Some questions though.

1) Why does reinforcement theory say that learning curves have to be
smooth, and why does PCT say that there will be plateaus?

2) How does this relate to theories of (about) automaticity? Is there a
way to show that observations of automaticity are simply subsets of
gaining (perceptual) control?

3) Shouldn't there be some follow up studies done in this area? It seems
a shame to let an interesting phenomenon that seems to upset conventional
(reinforcement) wisdom go fallow. Have you (or anyone) thought about how
to extend and improve the study?