PCT and the Deaf

[From Fred Nickols (2015.03.10.0955 EDT)]

For some reason I thought about PCT, learning to speak, and deaf people this morning. A simplistic analysis suggests that deaf people are severely hampered in their ability to learn to speak because their feedback loop (i.e., the ability to hear the sounds they make) is broken/open. So I Googled the matter and found that deaf people learn by substituting other perceptions for sounds (e.g., air expulsion, throat sensations, and correlating sounds they make (and can feel but can’t hear) with hand signs.

It seems to me that PCT might shed some light on the issue and perhaps improve our ability to help deaf people learn to speak (at least those who want to because it also seems that not all deaf people want to learn to speak).

Are there any instances of PCT being applied in such a way?


Fred Nickols, CPT

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